Purchasing Power Parity


Welcome to the official Purchasing Power Parity API which makes your online products and services affordable around the world. Reach a broader audience by pricing your online goods based on PPP.

Note sure why you are here? What is Purchasing Power Parity?


In the US, the average price for a cappuccino is $4.00. This doesn't mean that everyone around the world can afford it. Considering Purchasing Power Parity, the same cappuccino should cost $ in Indonesia.

Transfer this thought process to selling your online goods...

How to use the PPP API?

JavaScript API Usage

The API is available as library for JavaScript applications. All the installation instructions can be found in the official PPP API GitHub repository.

Direct API Usage

Use the API endpoint by sending a ISO country code as query parameter. Check out the following request which gets the PPP conversion rate from USD to Indonesian IDR.

Response Object

Whether you use the PPP API via JavaScript or directly via the API endpoint, the response object -- most importantly the conversion factor -- will always be based on US dollars.

Here the conversion factor is ~. So in order to convert your price from USD to Indonesian IDR, compute times your USD price.


If there is anything wrong with this website or the API, please contact @rwieruch. Also, if you want to contribute to this project, making online products and services more affordable around the world, don't hesitate to write a message.